Facade Systems

For the fastening of solar modules to vertical walls or facades, we offer you mounting systems and fastening systems with different surfaces and in different color designs. For solar plants in visible areas, we can provide the following systems:

Elevated facade system


  • One-row module mounting with inclinations from 15 - 75° using facade supports.
  • The regulations regarding overhead glazing have to be observed (contact the module producer to get this kind of information)

Benefits to you:

  • Swift and simple mounting
  • Optimized structural analysis
  • Available in steps of 5°



Parallel facade system


  • Depending on the substructure, the fasteners have to be provided by the customer
  • A cross rail system is recommendable (see GridNorm)
  • In case of horizontal mounting, GridNorm is absolutely necessary
  • In case of vertical mounting, one layer of rails is sufficient if connections to any desired points are possible

Benefits to you:

  • Structural analysis (for cross rails)
  • An anti-slide-off device for thin-film modules is available optionally




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