Executive management has a responsibility to make available the resources and information required for implementing procedures and meeting objectives to support demand in the areas of quality-, environmental- and energy management.
We aspire to the following:

  • the satisfaction of our costumers and the economic efficiency of our trading, as focal areas of policy
  • extended globalization
  • continuous improvement of our product and service quality
  • the achievement of set objectives
  • continuous improvement of our process flows
  • compliance with legal specifications and with customer demand
  • promoting the utilization of regional, environment-friendly and energy-efficient products
  • promotion of environmentally friendly behavior in our employees through the positive influence of our behavior within the company
  • the choice and usage of environmentally-friendly production materials and substances
  • efficient use of energy and water
  • reduction in quantities of waste through the deployment of ‘‘clean’’ production methods and the targeted separation of waste materials
  • continuous improvement or our environmental performance and energy efficiency
  • complete fulfillment of own consumption requirements with energy from renewable sources


The most important tasks:

  • Logging of energy flux in the company
  • Program to reduce waste and emissions
  • Guaranteed compliance with legal regulations
  • Embedding of precautionary environmental protection at an organizational level

Certified Environmental Management DIN EN ISO 14001 and ÖKOPROFIT

Introduction of a certified Environmental Management System by May 31st, 2011:
Schletter GmbH, Haag, is participant in the district project ÖKOPROFIT in cooperation with the IHK and HWK


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