Parking spaces for cars, whether privately owned or commercial, are ideal sites for carports with solar modules and thus a supplementary source of energy. Particularly so, since e-mobility is set to rapidly gain in importance in the next few years. The Schletter Group offers appropriate solutions for everything from individual carports to large carport complexes, e.g. for company parking lots or public Park & Ride sites. Our carport system is designed in such a way that the existing space remains optimally available for parking and nevertheless the greatest possible roof surface can be used to generate energy.

As a matter of course, our top-quality carports are also built to ensure the longest possible service life and trouble-free functionality, guaranteed for many years.

An overview of your advantages



  • Quick and uncomplicated mounting
  • Optimum area utilization
  • Suitable for all types of modules
  • For any desired alignment or module inclination
  • Competent advice for your project planning and creation of drawings
  • Complete structural analysis free of charge for each individual project
  • Construction completely made of aluminum
  • Durable and corrosion-free
  • Customized foundation options
  • Complete documentation in the form of system drawings
  • Individual customer design, on request in different colors




The unrivalled solution for big car port plants
Our car port systems are optimized in such a way that parking lots can be utilized in an optimum manner and big roof surface areas can be used for energy generation at the same time. With the new foundation system Carport Micro, small pre-cast concrete parts are utilized that provide sufficient vehicle impact protection, only require minimum reconstruction operations on the surface of the parking lots and do not limit the utilization of the parking lots. Especially for big car port plants, this combination is an economically optimized and at the same time visually attractive foundation system with very high structural safety on almost all kinds of subsoils.

Optional accessories



Numerous accessories are available - just contact us!


  • Cable channels, cable ducts
  • Lightning protection system (FSProtect system)
  • Components for internal potential equalization
  • Clamps for different module types
  • Fastening systems for large-surface laminate modules (System OptiBond) 

PARK@SOL - A unit-assembly-system for optimum system solutions



Concrete foundation:

  • B1 1-row vehicle arrangement (max. depth 6.0 m)
  • B2 2-row vehicle arrangement (max. depth 13.5 m)
  • B3 2-row vehicle arrangement (max. depth 13.5 m)
  • Concrete foundation as a vehicle impact protection
  • Unimpeded door opening
  • Central foundation

Pile-driven foundation:

  • R1 1-row vehicle arrangement
  • Concrete ground collar as a vehicle impact protection
  • Ground collar height optimized for unimpeded door opening
  • Cast-in-place concrete boarding for concrete ground collars on request

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